March 20-23, 2025

Scottsdale ranks second in nation for growth rate of millionaires

The Valley as a whole is not among the nation’s wealthiest metros, but Scottsdale is moving fast in that direction. Scottsdale has the second-highest growth rate for millionaires, according to the USA Wealth Report 2024 from Henley & Partners, which found that the Valley city had a 102% increase in millionaires between 2013 and 2023. Only Austin, Texas, had a higher rate, at 110%.

“The jewel in the crown of the Greater Phoenix metropolitan area, the Arizona desert city of Scottsdale has seen spectacular growth of 102% in the past 10 years,” report author Andrew Amoils wrote. “Scottsdale is home to a growing number of exclusive golf and lifestyle estates and is attracting large numbers of tech entrepreneurs from California as well as wealthy retirees.” Read more >

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